Blogs - Blogging explained

We want to keep you informed about the technologies we are using, the learning purpose and how we deliver a duty of care. St Luke’s uses a variety of digital technologies for teaching and learning. We acknowledge they must be used responsibly. We believe that learning cyber safe and responsible online practices are essential for students in a modern world and best taught in partnership between home and school. Safe, respectful and responsible behaviour is explicitly taught.

One key space that we are using is Global2 . Global2 is a blogging community developed specifically for schools. It has been developed and is managed by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, Victoria on behalf of the Catholic Education Office Melbourne. We also use Blogger (a Google Blogging tool) for some class blogs.

Our teachers and students use a variety of web tools and resources to develop digital literacies and educate us about the appropriate use of digital technologies. The class/ student’s blog will connect those technologies and enable opportunities to learn about managing and participating in social media in a positive way as well as understanding the ramifications of writing in digital spaces. Our Literacy and our Cybersafety curriculum is strongly supported by our Blogging practice.

As a parent or even as extended family members, you will be able to see the class blogs and your student blogs, providing an opportunity to connect to classroom activities. Our policy is to model and introduce these skills gradually as students move through the school, taking on increasing responsibilities. We encourage you to get involved by posting comments and reinforce appropriate behaviours for working on-line (eg not leaving surnames on comments and giving feedback that is Kind, Specific and Helpful). As part of this community our school has class blogs for every class and some specialist areas. The teachers control all posts.

These blogs are open to everyone on the internet allowing: a genuine global audience and opportunities to work with other schools in global projects an understanding of the importance of a positive online presence, and the development of skills and knowledge to manage their technology and the school has also set up individual blogs for students in Years 3 - 6. As part of this community our school supports students to manage their own individual blog with teacher moderation and support.

Student Blogging Challenge

For many years our Senior Students have particiapted in the Student Blogging Challenge. The aim is to connect student bloggers with a global audience. Each week participants are given a task to increase their skills and students are encouraged to interact with other students from around the world also participating.