Our Community

We are a community of Faith, Learning and Partnership. We are characterised by a safe environment with a supportive parent and parish community. We value each individual within our school community and commit ourselves to assist and challenge them to realise their spiritual, intellectual, emotional, social and physical potential. We strive to contribute to the development of students’ sense of self-worth, enthusiasm for learning and optimism for the future.

School Advisory Council

The School Advisory Council (SAC) are a nominated representative parent group who assist the Principal and Parish Priest. The SAC operates in an advisory role in offering a parent perspective into school matters. They also act in an advocacy role among the parent community and local community for the school and it's initiatives. The SAC may be involved in reviewing School Policies and procedures, and assisting in the development of the School Improvement plans.

The SAC consist of the Chairperson, Deputy Chair and Secretary as well as three other parent representatives, the Principal, a Staff representative and the Parish Priest. This group meet approximately twice each term. Over recent years, the SAC has been responsible for implementing our new school uniform, school signage and working with local council to ensure traffic safety around the school car park and in Orchard Grove.

Parents Association

Together with the Parent Association, the School Advisory Council work hard to build the community spirit that exists within St Luke’s School and Parish. The Parent Association are a group of volunteer parents who support the school through a variety of fund-raising and social activities. A Committee oversees the yearly events and is coordinated by a Chairperson, Deputy Chair and Secretary . A general Committee is responsible for organising and managing specific events throughout the year. In this way we believe that all members of community have a connection and belong to the community. The Parent Association invite all families to attend the meetings on a Tuesday at 7.00pm as advertised. Each year through the generosity of families and local businesses, the Parent Association provides extra funds to the school and provides much needed resources for our children. We are very grateful for all the support we receive from families in all our school activities.


Get Involved

We invite our community to get involved with the activities at St Luke the Evangelist. Come along and be a part of:

  • Family Week Activities 

  • Fete

  • Fundraising

  • Raffles

  • Excursion/Incursion

  • Guest Speakers

  • Reading/Classroom Helpers

  • Parent Information Nights

  • Social Events for Parents

  • Graduation

  • Interschool Sport

  • Twilight Sports

  • Sacramental Workshop Nights

  • Sacraments


The School Fete is held biannually. The main focus of our Parish School Fete is to build community and raise funds that mutually benefit both the Parish and the School. We have a fantastic Fete community run by our parents and the students look forward to this event. 

Our next Fete is planned for October 2022. 

Art Show

The Art Show is held biannually. It is a visual representation of the Arts curriculum. Here at St Luke’s we see every student as an artist. Student contribute the art show and art pieces are coordinated according to a theme. The Art Show is an opportunity for our students to demonstrate their artistic talents using various media and to share this with their families. 

School Production

The school production is held biannually at the Besen Centre in Burwood. The 2019 school production was The Grunch. The production is a school musical where all students have a chance to sing and dance like no one is watching. It is an opportunity for our students to take main roles in the performance and shine. As with all activities at St Luke’s we encourage parental involvement and use this as an opportunity to further build our community.