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Our School

St. Luke the Evangelist School, Blackburn South was established in 1962. St Luke’s is a Catholic co-educational school that was established from funds provided by the Parish Community. Over the past 57 years it has nurtured many thousands of children from the Parish. We are characterised by a safe environment with a supportive parent and parish community. We value each individual within our school community and commit ourselves to assist and challenge them to realise their spiritual, intellectual, emotional, social and physical potential. We strive to contribute to the development of students’ sense of self-worth, enthusiasm for learning and optimism for the future.

We enjoy our modern contemporary learning facilities, in a secure environment. The school is divided into Prep, Junior, Middle and Senior learning areas. The Discovery Centre continues to provide a flexible learning space enabling groups to work and learn together utilising an adjoining ICT lab. Our Astroturf and large grass areas provide students with an area for sport and physical activities while our middle area is designed for passive playground games. Our ‘hill’ is a gathering place where children eat morning tea and lunch together with staff before going out to play. It is also a place where families gather at the start and end of the day.



We are St Luke’s.

A community of faith, learning and partnership.


Journeying together,

we strive to live the gospel    

so that all may enjoy the fullness of life. 


We look with wonder at our world

and embrace learning through inquiry,

through action, through reflection

to realise our potential.


We celebrate diversity and we welcome

the opportunity to live and work together.

Meet the Team


Clare Ryan



Julie Inglese

Deputy Principal, Learning and Teaching and Italian

image000000 Copy.jpg

Fr Gerard Johnson

Parish Priest


Debbie Barber

Administrative Officer


Nina Grieve

5/6 Classroom Teacher and Religious Education Leader

Emily Photo.jpg

Emily Chlebica

5/6 Classroom Teacher


Tremain Lynch

3/4 Classroom Teacher


Tayla Buxton

1/2 Classroom Teacher


Kathryn Fitt

3/4 Classroom Teacher


Marie Kennedy

Prep Classroom Teacher


Julianne Kelly

Literacy Leader and 1/2 Classroom Teacher


Gab Carter

3/4, 5/6 Classroom Teacher and Performing Arts


Micaela Debney

Physical Education Teacher


Nicole Swann

Numeracy Leader and Prep Classroom Teacher

St Lukes Logo.png

Emily Roberts

Learning Diversity Leader


Megan Bunter

1/2 Classroom Teacher


Pauline Answerth

Student Wellbeing Leader, SEL Teacher and 3/4 Classroom Teacher


Ronnie Etheve

Levelled Literacy Intervention Teacher


Steph Pierce

Learning Support Officer


Sue Bottomley

Learning Support Officer


Barbara Bridger

Learning Support Officer

Our Learning Spaces


Before & After School Care (OSHClub)

Welcome to OSHClub, provider of Before & After School Care Programs at St Luke’s Primary School! 


We’re all about creating happy memories for your little ones. Our programs are designed so that every child, no matter their age, skill level, or interests, feels included and has fun.


We offer a diverse range of experiences before school and after school and focus on building knowledge, skills, and behaviours that help prepare your child for a world yet to be imagined.


You can be confident that your child is in safe hands with our highly experienced and passionate educators. Whether your child attends OSHClub daily or casually, each visit is an exciting new adventure with yummy food, exciting clubs, activities, mindfulness, and so much more!

Enrolling with us is easy and completely free. Head to our website, or call our Customer Service Team on 1300 395 735 to enrol and book in today.



The St Luke the Evangelist Primary School uniform range is available via the following options:

  • Instore - Spartan School World Retail Store

66 Essex Road

Mount Waverley, 3149

Select St Luke the Evangelist Primary School from the 'Find My School' drop down menu. 

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